What is T3?

T3 is Trinity Time Together. It’s a time for all of Trinity’s members and friends to grow in God’s Word together, including young and old, men and women from every age and stage of life.  It’s also a time for real Christian fellowship, where we can celebrate our one-ness as brothers and sisters in Christ.  There’s music, games, skits, and plenty of great conversation across the generations.  The best part is that God’s Word is the centerpiece of everything we do during T3.

Creation is REASONable

A Four Week Series led by Dr. Gary Locklair, Professor and 

Chair of Computer Science, Concordia University Wisconson

March 10th, 17th, 24th, and 31st ⦁ 9:15 – 10:24 a.m. in Trinity’s Gymnasium

Have you heard people claim evolution is true and creation is a myth?  Ideas about origins are in the news and have a powerful influence on people.  How did everything begin – was it naturally by evolution or supernaturally by creation?  The answer to this question is important as it shapes a person’s view of life.  The Doctrine of Creation concerns origins – how the universe, life, diverse living things and human beings came to be.  During these four sessions, we’ll see how both God’s Word (The Holy Scriptures) and God’s World (The Sciences) point powerfully to a recent, supernatural creation.  We’ll also explore why the Doctrine of Creation matters.  We’ll see that creation is a more than reasonable explanation for origins.

Children in grades 3K-5K will continue to have their breakout session with Mrs. Szpiszar, Mrs. Wood, and Mrs. DeDecker.  Children in grades 1-4 will have a special 4-week presentation on Jesus’ journey to the cross, led by Mrs. Ernst, Mrs. Adams, and Miss Woelfel.