When the childcare center meets a new family we almost always begin by letting them know: we are not your cookie-cutter childcare center. What does that mean? It means that on top of the standards of excellence in our routines, safety procedures, cleanliness, etc., we also – and more importantly – have the love and joy of Jesus rooted in everything that we do. Through our caregivers, teachers, congregational members, leaders, children, and volunteers, the good news of the Gospel is being shared Every Single Day on our beautiful 40 acres of land.

Yet, our distinct difference does not stop with us simply saying, “We have Jesus;” it is woven into our daily and weekly operations. It is in our weekly chapel services with pastors; it is in the Christian music that plays in our rooms (sometimes it becomes a dance party!); it is in the dedicated “Jesus-time” every day, and it is found in the wonders of His beautiful creation which we have in abundance at Trinity. Our childcare is truly a Christian home away from home.