6 Weeks through 3 Years

Our caregivers provide a caring and nurturing environment for your child. Our goal is to always develop a trusting relationship between caregiver and child. We strive to lay a positive foundation for your infant and toddler’s social and emotional development. Our caregivers offer every child eye to eye contact and continuous verbal interaction. Each caregiver understands the importance of holding children and creating bonds, talking to, singing with, and reading to all children.

This is also where we begin to focus on toilet learning. A meeting to discuss your child’s readiness and your commitment to the process will take place during the course of your child’s time with us.

Intentional Home-Like Care

We provide a home away from home for your little one. We are located in what once was the church parsonage. Converted to meet our needs it acts as a smooth transition from home to childcare. Our living room is designed to offer ample floor and tummy time. The floor is the ideal place to encourage the development of physical milestones such as; holding up one’s head, rolling over and crawling.

Toddlers have a natural curiosity and energy that make them ready for sensory and motor exploration.  Our space supports this unique developmental stage with materials that are at the child’s level.  Free exploration of their play space encourages imagination and creativity. Music, Bible stories, and other stories encourage verbal development and listening practice.  Our caregivers understand the toddlers need for acceptance and praise. Independent skills such as hand washing, feeding themselves and drinking from a cup are encouraged.  Children graduate from napping in a crib to napping on a cot.

We provide a monitored, quiet (except for the sound machine) dark room for your child to get well rested naps throughout the day. Each child has an assigned crib or cot. Sheets are provided and all sleep material is washed at least once per week or on an as needed basis.

Parents are required to provide diapers, wipes, and meals for their infant. We work adamantly to remain consistent with an infant’s home schedule and encourage all families to provide us with notes of their child’s current daily schedule. Communication with our parents is vital in ensuring that we are providing the care for their child that they are expecting.

We have an open door policy. Parents are welcome to visit or call the center at any time. This is especially important to parents of infants. You are welcome to call as often as you like and check on your infant. We want you to feel completely at ease and comfortable with your decision to leave your little one in our care.

Infant schedules are based off of the needs of the child and discussed with the parents to ensure consistency of care.

7:00-7:15          Breakfast

7:15-9:00          Free Play

9:45 *Chapel at the “Big School” on Thursdays

9:00-9:10          Clean-up and Wash Hands

9:10-9:30          AM Snack

9:30-9:45          Diaper Changes/Toilet

9:45-9:55          Put Shoes and Coats On

9:55-11:00        Outside Play or Gym Time

11:00-11:10      Take Shoes/Coats Off/Wash Hands

11:10-11:35      Lunch

11:35-11:45      Diaper Changes/Toilet/Put cots out

11:45-2:00        Nap Time/Quiet Time

2:00-                  Diaper Changes/Toilet

2:50-3:00          Wash Hands

3:00-3:20          PM Snack

3:20- Pick-up   Free Play

** JESUS TIME is done throughout the day. **