6 weeks – 1 year

The Infant Room is designed to have a flexible schedule supporting personal and developmental milestones for each child.  In the classroom, you can find age-appropriate toys, as well as body development, supports like jumpers and exersaucers.  We have created a cozy environment with ample space for safe play. High chairs are available for introducing foods as well as bottle warmers and rocking chairs.  Children will nap in a separate room to allow for individual sleep schedules.  You can find everything needed to support a baby’s health and development in our infant classroom.

We work adamantly to remain consistent with an infant’s home schedule and encourage all families to provide us with notes of their child’s current daily schedule. Communication with our parents is vital in ensuring that we are providing the care for their child that they are expecting.

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Daily Schedule | Infant Room

All attempts will be made to coordinate the schedule of infants with their feeding and napping schedules at home. Staff and parent communication is key to successful coordination. Filling out the ‘Tell Us About Your Infant’s Daily Routine‘ form will be helpful as we partner with you. Updated daily home routines will be requested as necessary.