Where do I begin with what I love about Trinity’s ECC Program? It is so comforting to a parent when you drop your child off and they yell “bye-bye” as they run around the corner to go see their friends and favorite caregivers. It’s evident my son feels comfortable, loved, and supported here. He has a dairy allergy and everyone has been absolutely wonderful in making sure he only eats foods that he is allowed to have. They care about every little thing and want to work with you, the parent, to best care for your child. We went through a long stretch of short naps and they continually asked for tips and advice to improve his napping at Trinity. Most importantly I love that they are Jesus-centered. Teaching the fruits of the Spirit as they care, teaching prayer and worship. They also want to know what they can be praying for our family and for our son. We also love the diversity of the staff! Everyone is so kind, loving, and friendly. They genuinely care for our child. It’s also wonderful to feel this way when our son only attends 2 days per week. It’s the schedule that works best for our family and we love that they have this option and he’s treated just the same as full-time kiddos. In light of the 2020 pandemic, we can’t say enough about the care and concern they took to reopen safely and continuing to maintain cleanliness moving forward.

-Halbur Family, Germantown

As new parents, we struggled with finding childcare that felt right. Initially, we thought our wishlist of a smaller facility with a family-like setting, nature-based learning opportunities, and Christian values was too hopeful. While a few places we toured checked one or two boxes, none of them felt like home. Then we came to Trinity. Our minds were made up before we finished our tour. The past almost two years have been more than we hoped for! Every member of the staff is phenomenal and knowing our child is safe and loved while we are working is priceless. Trinity has fostered a love of adventure and learning in our little one and encouraged her to be both kind and brave. While it would be nice to get a full hug and kiss when dropping her off, the blind wave as she runs giggling down the hall to find her friends lets us know every day we made the right choice.

-Mathy Family, Mequon