2 years and up

The Toddler Room has a safe, defined environment that includes a calm space for quiet, independent play. Toddlers have a natural curiosity and energy that make them eager to explore. Free exploration of their play space encourages imagination, creativity, and independence. In this room, teachers navigate seamlessly, facilitating the children to engage in activities and interact with their peers, as well as supporting their developmental progress. Children learn at their own pace. Teachers implement activities on a daily basis that support the following developmental domains:

  • Physical (Gross & fine Motor)
  • Social-Emotional (Interaction, Cooperation, Self-Confidence, Sense of Community)
  • Sensory (Sight, Touch, Smell, Hearing, Taste, Vestibular, Proprioception)
  • Cognitive (Problem SOlving, Abstract Thinking, Learning)
  • Communication (Expressive, Receptive, Pragmatic Language)

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