Chapel Day & Jesus All the Time!

The children (Infants through 4K) attend chapel once a week. Chapel is held in church and led by either Pastor Carl Lehenbauer. It consists of prayer, a bible story and a few songs. Children look forward to spending time each week in this very special place. In addition to chapel, each classroom has a weekly theme centered on Jesus or stories from the bible. Jesus and the stories He taught us, as well as the importance of forgiveness are common topics discussed throughout the course of the day. The fruits of the spirit are modeled and taught daily.

Creator’s Classroom

Children in our care grow, play, and learn in as natural setting as possible.  The Creator’s Classroom allows children to explore and manipulate natural elements in their play thus giving them opportunities to experience the natural wonders of God whereby facilitating their academic and social-emotional growth. The children can exercise their muscles and their imaginations and learn about their own limits while learning to work together. It’s an exciting place for mixing, pouring, transferring, experimenting, collaborating, imagining, manipulating and creating on their own terms and at their own pace.

“Children cannot bounce off the walls if we take the walls away.”

We value learning through play.

Play is our brain’s favorite way of learning. Children need motion, originality and adventure. “For children, play is their job.”

We provide a home-like atmosphere for the children and families we serve.

The Infant & Toddler House in the past was the church’s parsonage. It has since been converted to fit the needs of our program. Children who attend the Infant & Toddler House have the opportunity to interact with children of all ages (6 weeks through 2 years) while awake, much like that of a typical family household. And when the little ones get tired we have rooms dedicated to the importance of sleep.

We teach independence.

We will introduce your child to co-operative problem solving and critical thinking skills by encouraging classmates to communicate with one another to solve simple problems on their own.

Lots of natural outdoor play spaces and access to the school’s facilities.

Each playground has developmentally appropriate climbing structures for each age group. Our playground is aesthetically pleasing as well as conducive to normal muscle development and creative use of space. Your child is given the opportunity to climb, balance, stack, swing, ride bicycles, and simply enjoy nature. In addition, the children enjoy playing ball, participating in group games, experiencing a variety of textures and exploring the 40 acres that Trinity has been blessed with. At the historical grounds the children have the opportunity to plant flowers and vegetables in our garden, hike through trails in the woods, watch the creek flow, catch fish, toads and crawfish and just run free in the open areas. We also have access to the school’s gym, library and music room. We are invited to observe various school events throughout the school year.

Children have the opportunity to develop long lasting friendships.

Most children that have attended Trinity Early Childhood Center have continued their education and development of faith by attending Trinity School. This has provided a foundation for the children to develop long lasting friendships as Trinity serves children 3K through 8th grade.